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Electric Bicycle Motor

  • Model No.:EBM-CX-PE
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Motor for PedElec or Hybrid Bike

Key Features

1. Product Name: DC Motor for PedElec (Pedal Assist) Bicycle
2. 250W~380W Brushless DC Geared Motor for Electric Bicycle and Tricycle
3. Model No: EBM-CX-PE250 , CX-PE350

Characters & Advantage
1. Unique Structure for Electric Bicycle Power System
2. Embedded to Bottom Bracket / Built in Hall Sensor / Mid-Drive Operation
3. Compact & Durable design
4. Maintenence Free & Easy repair
5. Water Resistance with specific seal
6. Good Heat Elimination with specific structure
7. Provides higher Performance
8. Higher torque (optimal RPM range & internal gearing)
9. Efficent Operation & High Torque at the Crank shaft
10. Silver-Medal Awarded at 2006 Taipei International Invention Show
11. Power Assisted Mode (Pedal + Electric) : the Motor start to assist when pedaling (cab be still using seven speed shimano gears ) + Electric Assist
12. Pedal Mode ( Normal bicycle mode) :  when Switch off the Electric or Battery run out, like cycling normal  bicycle, without any pedaling resistance
13. Patented in 10 countries, patent pending in many other countries

Main Export Market