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    CrankShaft Integrated Motor Assembly

    Key Features


    • Product Name : Electric Bike Brushless DC Motor
    • 250~380Watt brushless DC geared motor for electric bicycle and tricycle
    • Model No: EBM-CX-250W or EBM-CX-350W

    Characters & Advantage:

    • Unique design of Electric Bicycle Power Structure
    • Intergrated Bottom Bracket (B.B) / Built in Speed Sensor / Crankshaft Integrated
    • Compact & Durable design : Maintenence Free & Easy repair
    • Water Resistance with specific seal
    • Good Elimination for Heat
    • Provides higher performance
    • Higher torque (optimal RPM range & internal gearing)
    • Efficent operation & High torque at the Crank shaft
    • More durable and maintenence free compare with hub motor
    • 2006 Silver-Medal Award Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart
    • Patented in 8 countries patent pending in many other countries

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