Crank Drive Bicycle Motor

  • Model No.:EBM-CX-250
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Crank Drive Electric Bicycle Motor


  • Motor:Brushless
  • Power Supply:Storage Battery

Key Features


  • Product Name : Crank Drive Motor Bicycle
  • 250~380Watt  BLDC geared motor for electric bicycle and tricycle
  • Model No: EBM-CX-250 or EBM-CX-350

Characters & Advantage:

  • Unique design of Electric Bicycle Power Structure

  • Integrated Bottom Bracket (B.B) Motor / Built in Speed Sensor / Direct-Drive at the Crank Shaft

  • Compact & Durable design

  • Maintenance Free & Easy repair

  • Good Heat Dissipation with specific structure

  • Higher torque (optimal RPM range & internal gearing) at the Crank shaft
  • Pedal or using power both or independently

  • You can take full advantage of all 7~9 gears in the rear derailleur

  • With a CX-MOTOR system uses all the gears so you can shift-up the gears to go faster or shift-down to increase the torque when you come to a steep hill.

  • Climbing Capacity : up to 25 degree slope

  • Range  per charge : up to 50 KM

  • 2006 Silver-Medal Award Taipei International Invention Show & Techno-mart

  • Patented in 8 countries, patent pending in many other countries

Main Export Market