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E-bike Motor, Electric Bicycle Motor, Motor for E-Bicycle, Motor For Electric Bike

Motor: DC brushless geared motor: Integrated Bottom Bracket (B.B) / Built in Speed Sensor (Built-in Pedal Assist System) / Crankshaft Integrated : Engages the motor when the rider starts pedaling and disengages when they stop. Max-Torque: 54.4Nm (with decelerator) High torque Crank Drive Motor: This type puts power through the rear gear system and can be fine-tuned to suit almost any environment. Other strengths: Great weight distribution: no heavy weight in your wheels, more efficient especially when climbing, and gives you a lighter better balanced e-bike. Compact & Durable design : High power performance but maintenance free and easy repair as well. Water Resistance with oil seal. / Good Elimination for Heat.

Middle Mounted Electric Bicycle Motor

3 modes for riding ebike , when using CX-Motor : 1. Electric Mode (Power by Electric , by twisting throttle) : (Ebike throttle mode for instant motor power by twisting the throttle) 2. Pedal+Electric Mode (Power Assisted Mode) : the motor start to assist when pedaling, Pedaling can still using seven speed shimano gears )+ Electric Assist, The faster you pedal, the more the motor assists you 3. Pedal Mode ( Normal bicycle mode) : when switch off the electric or battery run out ,Using seven speed shimano gears, like using conventional bicycle, without any pedaling resistance

Electric Bicycle Motor, Pedelec Bicycle Motor

※ Bottom Bracket Mid-drive system is in the center of the bike and close to the ground, this cause lower gravity center & better balance ※ Unique and Patented design of Electric Bicycle Power Structure ※ The reduced gear are made of steel not plastic※ Maintenance Free & Easy repair compare with other bicycle motor※ More torque and less heat , higher efficiency, more range and faster speeds※ The actual wattage of the motor output depends on the rider's pedal power The faster you pedal, the more the motor assists you

About Us

Chuan-Xin Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2005, making efforts in providing driving motor used for Electric Bicycle & Power Generator, the owner Mr. Perng learned automotive repairing as an apprentice from 1980, as a Certificated Auto-Mechanics & Experienced Technician, he designed and produced Prototype of Mid-Position-Mounted e-Bile Motor in 2003 which was purpose designed to suit Power Assistance Bicycle with Zero-emissions.

After our great effort for years, we have earned a lot of trust and reliance from our local customers. Now we’re willing to export our Electric Bike Motor to the worldwide. We are Looking for Distributors or Agents wherever you are either specialized or interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.